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Name:Another World RP™ Logs
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Community description:Another World RP™ Logging Community

All alone cold fields you wander
Memories of it, cloud your sight
Fills your dreams, disturbs your slumber
Lost your way, a fallen knight
Hold now, aim is steady
Another world awaits you.


Ever wanted to play your favourite Sports Anime characters when they're all grown up? Then welcome to Another World RP™! We are a "Sports Anime, MultiFandom, Slice-of-Life, Sandbox Roleplay Game with a HINT of AU and a lot of Imagination", sounds pretty simple, huh?

Basically what all that means is that we have taken our favourite Sports Anime Characters, added 10 years and given them Real Lives. But not the ones that Real Life would normally have dictated for them. Oh no, we have given them the lives that WE want. That is where the AU factor comes into play. If you want to make your character a government spy, then by all means do so. An astronaut that's spent time on the International Space Station then go for it! You want them to work in a brothel? That's your choice! Make them rich beyond their wildest dreams? Lucky guy!

We say the "only limitations is your imagination" and it is true. This game is HEAVILY reliant upon Player Plots. We concentrate on Character Development rather than hackneyed plots that have been done over and over again. We are not here to force you and your characters to do anything they are unwilling to do. We are not that type of game. However... we will occasionally have Group Logs and Meme's that are open for all, should you wish to join~

Animes We Currently Allow:

Ace of Diamond
Kuroko no Basket
Ookiku Furikabutte
Prince of Tennis
Yowamushi Pedal
Yu-gi-oh (Don't ask, we have assurances that Children's Card Games are a sport!)

The tl;dr Version:

Sports Anime, MultiFandom, Slice-of-Life, Sandbox Roleplay Game with a HINT of AU and a lot of Imagination.
Adult Game, Adult Themes.
You can be whatever you want to be!
Player Plot Heavy. (we will not lead you by the hand through a plot. This is YOUR story.)
There Will Be Smut.
Open Logs and Meme's are a Thing.


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